Need of the Activity:  

Lalitham Ganitham aims to improve the quality of learning through affordable and convenient methodology. This would generate a large impact on higher number of students as it is done through a large platform. Even the difficult topics are meant to be conveyed to students with great ease. 

Brief Description:  

As part of the Teresian Rural Outreach Programme (TROP), the Department of Mathematics and Statistics introduced a YouTube channel “Lalitham Ganitham – Let’s solve it cool!!!”  

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the classes for high school students were conducted through pre recorded videos. 

Lalitham Ganitham marked its beginning with active support of students and faculty. We were able to launch quality content that had a great reach. The contents uploaded covered the SCERT syllabus, mainly class 8,9,10. The joined effort gained 400 + subscribers with 4.8K viewership. It is continuing its success journey utilising all the possibilities of social media.


Generated a high interest in mathematics and a desire to learn and think outside the box. The slow pace teaching benefited the slow learners to. As the contents can be viewed anywhere and at anytime this helped the students to revise the topics with clarity. The visual effects made their learning more engaging. This made the students watch the videos completely without any boredom. The outcome will be assessed using Google forms and by collecting the photos and videos of students doing the activities.



Link to Lalitham Ganitham You tube channel –

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Published On: September 23rd, 2020Categories: Mathematics, Mathematics – TROP