A class on the topic Latin American Geography, Culture and Literature was conducted in St. Teresa’s College, Ernakulam on September 3rd, 2016 at 2pm by Prof. João Vicente Ganzarolli de Oliveira, Ph. D who is a Professor and Researcher of Disability Studies at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro . His Ph.D. is on Poetics and his post doctoral study on Latin American Literature.

During the one and a half hour session he spoke about the unique geography of Latin America, its early inhabitants, their culture and how the landscape had a profound impact on the way of thinking and life style of its people.

A list of books on the history, culture and geography of Latin America. was recommended for the students for gaining more insight on the topic.

There was also an interactive session.


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Published On: September 4th, 2016Categories: English, English Achievements, English Activities