An International Educational and Cultural exchange programme was organized by the Department in collaboration with the International Institute for Scientific and Academic Collaboration (IISAC) USA on 5th August 2013. A team of twelve Under Graduate students and three professors of IISAC participated in the programme. Distinguished lecture sessions included Prof. Ann Williard’s lecture (Professor of IISAC) on Gymnosperms ‘Solving the Ponderosa Pine Puzzle’, lecture on ‘Research Perspectives in Basic Science’ by Prof. Sunny Luke, Chairman, IISAC, USA and lecture by Rev. Fr. Dr. Jose John (Asst. Prof. S. H. College Thevara) on ‘Algal Biodiversity of Kerala’. Various entertainment programmes were also staged by the students for the distinguished guests.



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Published On: August 7th, 2013Categories: Botany, Botany Department Activities