The Department of English under the auspices of Teresian International organised an interactive session on Women Education and Globalisation with the students and faculty of College of Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, the University of Virginia on Friday, the 4th of January 2019.

The II B.A students presented a number of cultural programmes on the pressing issues faced by the women in India. The session commenced with a tableau on the influential women in Indian history who fought against all odds to excel in a man’s world. This was followed by a semi-classical dance performance and the emotional anguish experience of a  discriminated third gender. A skit satirizing the dowry system in India was also staged.

The I B.A students presented a slide show aimed to break the stereotypes related to the people and culture of India which is related to this interactive session on women education and globalization,  After the cultural programmes, Prof. Richard Cohen and Prof. Mehr Farooqi of the University of Virginia addressed the students and teachers of the English department and initiated the interactive session.

Women are still struggling for equal treatment in our countries. Whether it in the case of healthcare, education, the labour market and political rights, women often receive fewer wages than men. And yet, women make vital contributions to society that men often take no part in. Our Globalist Factsheet takes a closer look at women around the world

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Published On: January 30th, 2019Categories: English Activities