The department of Home Science conducted a four day workshop on “CULINARY ART” for the final year degree students from 14th to 17th November 2018.The resource person for the programme was Mr. Joshi P.V Food Production Faculty of Food Craft Institute ,Kalamassery.

Day I

Students were introduced to various  non familiar vegetables and fruits. Chef elaborated on different cuisines ,different ingredients and its role in imparting flavour was also discussed.

In the afternoon session a hands on training was given on fruit and vegetable carving. The students  enthusiastically involved in  the carving. The presentation of a dish to guests and its importance was also explained.

Day II

On day two, the chef elaborated on the middleeastern cuisines, the various ingredients used and its role in imparting flavour. He also explained about  the main foods consumed by Arabs and their way of eating different meals.

Koboos and Hummus were the two dishes prepared in the morning session. Kuboos or KHUBZ is an Arabian pita bread made from all purpose flour,yeast ,sugar and warm water.

Hummus is a levantine dip or spread made from cooked mashed chick peas blended with Tahini(a condiment made from toasted sesame,olive oil,lime juice and salt. The hummus was lusciously creamy light and fluffy. It was nutty and tangy.

Afternoon session was an elaborative one . The students made Kabsa and Balah El Shaam.

Kabsa – a mixed rice dish that originated from Saudi Arabia where it is commonly regarded as the National dish.The dish is made with rice and meat.

Balah El Shaam-is an Arabian sweet made from butter sugar egg ,all purpose flour and milk. The students  enthusiastically participated in the cooking. The sweet made was crunchy and sweet yet so soft and airy from inside.


The third day was also a very interesting day. The food items made on day III was BhamiGorang, Sweet corn chicken and vegsoup,Chicken in Szechuan sauce and Basbusa.

Morining session was started with BhamiGorang and Sweet corn chicken and veg soup. BhamiGorang is a chinese  noodle made with bami noodles, egg,chicken, vegetables along with special ingredients like Sambal( Indonesian red chilly paste) and Ketjapmanis( Indonesian sweet soy sauce).

Afternoon session was planned to make Chicken in Szechuan sauce and Basboosa.

Chicken in Szechuan sauce-was a very tasty but different chicken preparation made with chicken, cayenne chilli powder, different sauces ginger garlic and  capsicum.

Basboosa-A traditional Levantine cake mostly made with semolina as the basic ingredient.A very easy to make dessert but very delicious.


Day IV

The last day of the Culinary art training was planned for baking.The students were given training on baking Black forest cake , Puffs basic,and Dough for pizza/ Bread rolls.






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