TROP Activity – June 2018

Venue: SD TATA Memorial Hospital , Chottanikara

Date: 08/06/2018

Target Group: Adult men and women ( 30-60 years)

The students of the  Post Graduate diploma Clinical   Nutrition and Dietetics along with  Ms. Surya .M. Kottaram , Anie Thomas and Dr. Priya Pillai  provided Community Nutrition awareness programme  to patients as well as bystanders which included both  adult men and women with and without non- communicable diseases at SD TATA Memorial Hospital , Chottanikara. The camp  mainly  focused on providing  awareness on dietary management of non-communicable diseases especially  obesity, diabetes,hypercholesterolemia, anaemia  and hypertension.Talks were provided by the student dietitians based on these topics.  Informative charts on nutrition and wellness were put up and explained to the participants. Health assessment based on anthropometry; ie., height, weight and BMI,  along with that simple low cost nutritious recipes were  prepared and distributed among the participants which  was done as part of the programme .

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