Beyond Boundaries: A Survey on Business Practices Among Rural Women in Mulavukadu

As part of FSSAI licensing training, students from the department conducted a survey on business practices among rural women in Mulavukadu. The survey aimed to assess the current status of women entrepreneurs in the food sector and provide guidance to those interested in starting a food business. The survey involved questionnaires to collect data on existing businesses, licensing status, and aspirations of women entrepreneurs. Out of the 12 participants, 3 already own a food business with FSSAI license, and 6 expressed interests in starting food business. The survey revealed a promising interest among rural women in Mulavukadu to engage in food entrepreneurship. The guidance provided by our students can serve as a stepping stone for those looking to start their own ventures.

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Published On: November 15th, 2023Categories: Food Processing Technology, Food Processing Technology TROP