Welcome to St. Teresa’s College (Autonomous), the best college in Ernakulam and a premier institution of learning recognized widely for its commitment to academic excellence and empowering young women. Our legacy spans over nine decades, demonstrating our enduring mission to deliver high-quality, need-based higher education to women.

St Tresas's College Ernakulam

Our NAAC Journey

In our pursuit of excellence, we have consistently achieved top rankings and accreditations that affirm our dedication to quality education. Our relationship with the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) is a testament to this commitment.

Our first milestone in the NAAC journey was the prestigious Five Star Level accreditation on 9th October 1999. It is followed by the re-accreditation with an ‘A’ level on 21st May 2006. Our dedication to quality and excellence was recognized again in 2012 when we earned an ‘A’ grade with a CGPA of 3.40 on 20th April 2012.

The fourth cycle of accreditation came with a significant achievement. Recognizing our unwavering adherence to high standards, the NAAC extended our accreditation period until 20th April 2019. Further, on 9th August 2019, we achieved the highest grade of A++ with a CGPA of 3.57 in the revised framework, an accomplishment that places us amongst the top institutions in the country.

Reflecting on our Foundress’ Vision

At St. Teresa’s College, our foundress’s vision shines through our management’s missionary zeal. Their belief is simple yet profound – no service is more excellent than the education service. This belief resonates with our faculty, who display unparalleled commitment, competence, and motivation to go the extra mile for their students and the institution they serve.

Our Future Aspirations

We aim to evolve into Kerala’s First Women’s University, making significant contributions to society locally, nationally, and internationally. Our mission is to push the boundaries of knowledge continuously, transform the academic landscape, and create innovative solutions through superior teaching, learning, and research.

The Teresian Legacy

Generations of Teresians have graced communities worldwide, united by more than 95 years of tradition and commitment to crafting a better world. They embody the ethos of our institution – a blend of academic excellence, social responsibility, and ethical values.

As the best college in Ernakulam, we strive to provide a the best educational experience to our students. We provide our students with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in their chosen fields. Join us on this journey as we continue to strive for excellence and empower women through quality education at St. Teresa’s College.