B.Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics

The main objective of this programme is to produce a Responsible Nutrition Professionals, who deeply understand the essence of nutrition which allows them to personalize information rather than follow every guideline issued for an entire population. Nutrition takes students on a fascinating journey beginning with curiosity and ending with a solid knowledge base and a healthy dose of scepticism. Our goal is to develop sophisticated consumers who have information of both nutrients and nutrition. The programme also focuses on the current trends in nutrition to match with the pace of the fast-changing subject. It covers nutritional support, ethics and other aspects on scientific bases. The course emphasizes the role of nutrition as a major modifiable factor in community health and the preventive, promotive and curative role of diet in health.



  • Hospitals, nursing care facilities and other healthcare facilities and in the community.
  • Nutraceutical companies and food industries.
  • Careers that include private practice, clinical dietetian, public health nutrition, food service management, sports nutrition and nutrition research.

Pass in +2 with Biology/Home Science and Chemistry as compulsory subject


  • Focus on healthy eating habits and a well-organized lifestyle in order to develop human health and well-being
  • Facilitate as a socially concerned professional who cares about wellness of community and environment.
  • Administer healthy eating principles throughout the community and the nation.
  • Identify reasons for unhealthy eating behaviours, research and rectify the condition.
  • Paraphrase the scientific studies of nutrition, dietetics and related fields