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About St. Teresa's College

St.Teresa’s College, a pioneering institution in the field of Higher Education in India, was established on 15th June in the year 1925, as the first Women’s College of the erstwhile Cochin State and the second in the whole of Kerala by the Congregation of the Carmelite Sisters of St.Teresa.

Awareness campaign on waste disposal

Awareness Campaign on Waste Management and Disposal Why Awareness campaign on waste management is so important? Waste management and disposal of waste is a serious [...]

Cloth bags for a green future

A cloth-bag making competition was conducted for the Kudumbasree units of all the wards of Mulavukad Panchayat as a part of Swacchata Hi Seva Campaign. [...]

Fighting taboo around menstruation

As part of Teresian Rural Outreach Programme, the students of B.A. Communicative English conducted an awareness campaign at St. Mary's HSS, Vallarpadom, to fight the [...]

TROP 2019-20 — Making a difference

The Department of Communicative English organised various activities as part of the Teresian Rural Outreach Programme activities for the academic year 2019-20. On June 14, [...]

Wordsmithery: Workshop on Creative Writing

The Department of Communicative English organised Wordsmithery, a workshop on creative writing. The session focused on helping students overcome writers' block and become better writers.

English for Careers Workshop

A workshop on innovative careers for graduates of English was conducted at the Seminar Hall in January 2020. The talk introduced students to unconventional, modern [...]

Student documentaries on Performance Art

The students of III B.A. Communicative English have created a collection of documentaries on Performance Art. The documentaries are part of their assignment for the [...]

Student documentary at NDSF

The Colours of Worship -- A documentary on Kalamezhuthum Pattum created by the students of III B.A. Communicative English has been shortlisted for [...]

സെയ്‌ന്റ് തെരേസാസ് കോളേജിന് നാക് അക്രഡിറ്റേഷനിൽ ഇന്ത്യയിൽ രണ്ടാം സ്ഥാനം

കൊച്ചി: നാക് അക്രഡിറ്റേഷനിൽ സെയ്‌ന്റ് തെരേസാസ് കോളേജിന് മികച്ച നേട്ടം. നാഷണൽ അസെസ്‌മെന്റ് ആൻഡ് അക്രഡിറ്റേഷൻ കൗൺസിലിന്റെ (നാക്) പരിഷ്കരിച്ച വ്യവസ്ഥകൾ പ്രകാരമുള്ള നാലാം ഘട്ട മൂല്യനിർണയത്തിൽ സി.ജി.പി.എ. 3.57 സ്കോറോടെ എ പ്ളസ്, [...]

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