Multivariate Data Analysis

Date : 28/09/2017

Prof.(Dr.) K. K. Jose,
Former Principal and Head,
Department of Statistics,
St. Thomas College, Pala

The session was conducted to give us a detailed idea about multivariate data analysis. The speaker first gave us a brief introduction of the subject. The distinct difference between uni-variate and multivariate was explained. How multivariate is analogously better than uni-variate was comprehended. Practical application of multivariate data analysis was discussed with a view to educate us on the job opportunities available. The complexity required to understand the data and their graphical examination, and their interpretation was the main area of study. The advent and widespread use of statistical programs designed for computers was also considered. The chief and the most basic part of any multivariate analysis, ‘data cleaning’ process was given due importance while discussing the subject.
Predominant questions like ‘why data cleaning and transformation?’ and ‘why data quality is important?’ was explained in detail with practical applications and examples. The various multivariate techniques and their practical applications was explained. The session was concluded with the fact that multivariate techniques place analytical power in the hands of any researcher.

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Published On: September 28th, 2017Categories: Management Studies, Management Studies Activities