The association organized a vibrant three-day Onam celebration on the 23rd and 24th. We designed a rich program of activities, incorporating both online and offline games for both students and teachers to enjoy. To add an extra layer of excitement, each of the first two days had a distinct color theme that participants were encouraged to follow. The festivities took place after school hours, from 2 pm to 4 pm, ensuring that everyone could join in.

We held year-wise competitions on both days, providing an inclusive environment for everyone to participate. Surprisingly, even the teachers actively engaged in the games, showcasing their competitive spirit. Some of the popular games included Sundarikku Pottukuthal, Bunkadi and Musical Chairs, among many others. The celebration was truly memorable and brought the school community closer together.

The third day of our Onam celebration commenced with the creation of a stunning pookalamThe day was filled with an array of captivating cultural programs, including a mesmerizing mass Thiruvathira dance presentation featuring both students and teachers. An Onapattu competition added to the cultural festivities. Furthermore, the day featured year-wise dance performances that enthralled the audience. The highlight of the day was the prize distribution for both online and offline competitions, acknowledging the efforts and achievements of the participants.

A particularly delightful moment was the Malayali Manka competition, where students were elegantly dressed in Kerala sarees, showcasing their best ramp walks and answering questions prepared for the occasion. This segment added a touch of glamour and elegance to the festivities.

To conclude this joyous day, we indulged in the delectable flavors of Palada Prathaman, leaving a sweet and lasting memory for everyone in attendance. The day was a resounding success, thoroughly enjoyed by both students and teachers, fostering a strong sense of unity and cultural appreciation within our community.

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