In December 2020, Ms. Rashna Sathar, the student of the II MTTM, Department of French, conducted a case study in the Panchayat of Kuzhupilly as part of TROP activities. The study was titled: ‘A case study on the local community outlook and benefits on tourist arrival by developing Kuzhupilly as an adventure tourism destination for water sports activities.’

The study focused on identifying the benefits of increased tourist influx for the local communities by developing water sports activities in Kuzhupilly beach. It also discusses the various water sports activities introduced at the beach.

The concept of ecotourism development was clearly evaluated and studied with the help of this project. The study identified 6000 beneficiaries who could be benefitted by developing the range of water sports activities in the area, thus attracting more tourists. In conclusion, it was found that more vigorous marketing of Kuzhupilly as a potential adventure tourism spot would prove vastly beneficial to the outlook of its local communities

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Published On: December 21st, 2020Categories: French – TROP