Department of Computer Applications in association with XPLORE IT CORP, accredited training partner of EC-COUNCIL, conducted a 3 day workshop on “Essential security skills for knowledge workers” from 20th June 209 to 22nd June 2019. Certified Secure Computer User (CSCU) training program aims at equipping the student with the necessary knowledge and skills to protect the information assets.


Topic: Computer Association Inauguration, Introduction to CSCU

 The session began by 8.45am with Morning Prayer by Sania Rajan. Welcome speech was addressed by Mrs.Dhanya.R, HOD, Dept. of Computer applications.Felicitation was delivered by Rev.Sr.Dr.Vinitha,Director and Dr.Sajimol Augustine, Principal. Computer association was inaugurated by the chief guest- Mr. K R Satheesh Chandran, business head- sales and marketing, XPLORE IT CORP.
As a token of thanks, bhoomitra bags were handed over to trainers by Rev Sr.Dr.Vinitha (CSST). Certificate of appreciation were distributed by the guest to appreciate students who helped in admission process.Official function came to an end with the vote of thanks by by Mrs. Archana Menon P,Assistant Professor-BCA-CT&ISM.

The session was started by Mr. Gobinath Arumugam- head of training and delivery in ethical hacking,python and embedded system in XPLORE IT CORP. He discussed about securing operating system, malwares and antivirus,internet security, securing email communication, data backup, securing network connection,mobiledevices,and securityonsocialnetworkingsites.Brief description about kali linux and kali installation were discussed. He also taught how to use angry IP scanner using which we could scan IP address and detect host easily. Detection of vulnerability in network and steps to exploit them were also discussed.

Day 2:

Topic: Footprinting and Reconnaissance, Vulnerability analysis

Second day of the workshop began with group activities. Students were divided into 14 groups assigning a unique name to them. The whole group is divided in to attackers and victims and then tasks were allotted to each group. He taught how to hide a data inside a digital medium using steganography.

Email spoofing was also demonstrated which helped students to know how an anonymous message is send to victims. He made the students to work on Social engineering toolkit that was specifically designed to perform advanced attacks against human element.The attacks built into the toolkit are designed to target a person or an organization during a penetration test.

Day 3:

Topic: IoT Hacking

Third day began with brief description of internet of things (IoT), comparison of various programming languages like c,c++, java and python.The RaspberryPi was introduced which is a low cost,credit-card sized computer that plugs into a computer monitor or TV, and uses a standard keyboard and mouse. It is a device that enables people of all ages to explore computing, and to learn how to program in languages like Scratch and Python. Hardware hacking with Pi and IoT hacking were taught. The session came out to an end by 4.00pm. The closing remark was given by Ms.Sruthi from BCACT&ISM.

The program is designed to interactively teach the students about the whole gamut of information security threats they face ranging from identity theft and credit card fraud to their physical safety. The skills acquired during the course of this program would help the students to identity theft and mitigate them effectively. The courseware completed with demo videos and scenario-based discussion questions to allow the student to gain actual skills.

CSCU Examination was conducted on 29th June 2019. The qualified candidates got the EC council CSCU certificates. Course completion certificates were distributed to all the participants. Xplore IT Team handed over a memento to the director as token of gratitude and in turn Sr. Vinitha gave them the letter of appreciation.



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