VENUE: LTGLPS, Ochanthuruth, Vypeen

CLASSES: 4th, 5th and 6th

DATES: 7th and 8th January 2016

AIM: To improve the communication skills of the students

NEED OF THE PLACE: To improve vocabulary, pronunciation and speaking skills of the students in English.

OBJECTIVE: To teach basic usage of English and also to improve their vocabulary and pronunciation.


The I BA Communicative English students were divided into two groups. The TROP activities for the year were conducted as a two days workshop in 12 sessions.

REMARK – The students were really smart enough for their age. They were able to pick up things quite easily .The class was not distracted as expected. They were very attentive. They didn’t cause much trouble. They were a lovely bunch and we could manage them well. They are very good at learning new things and so repetition was not required. The class was competitive and determined and that’s what we loved most about them. It was a great experience and we left just as happy as the kids. Their team spirit was one thing that really impressed us. At the end of the day we had a feeling of having done something good for someone. We wish we had more time with them.

FEEDBACK – The students seemed to have really enjoyed the class. What they loved the most was that they were not only learning but also playing at the same time. We had an amazing and memorable day. We were able to have a taste of what a potential teaching experience would be like and realized how stressful the job is. But the whole programme was an interesting learning experience for the students as well as us. The kids were very sweet and loving. They listened to us and were so interested in learning.

The TROP project was a learning experience. It was an eye opener that helped us understand the difficulties faced by a teacher on a daily basis. It was through this TROP project that we realized how much of an impact and influence a teacher can have on the students.

Though we had our own doubts about teaching the children, we truly enjoyed the experience on interacting with them. This experience also helped us to know the children and their thoughts better. We also learned that teaching is not as easy as told; the skill requires a lot of patience and self control. We had to begin the class being a little stern with the students but gradually we understood each other better.

The teaching experience made us realize that it is not an easy task to manage a bunch of enthusiastic and curious children. The various activities done in class benefited the kids as well as us who helped them do it. Our experience as a teacher was new and challenging. We taught the students by encouraging and helping them to converse in English. We also helped them inculcate the values of team-work; integrity and co-operation by making them play various games after dividing them into groups and giving them points. It was an amazing experience which enabled us to appreciate the finer skills required to become a teacher.

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