The State Level Environmental Awareness Evaluation Committee of the Dept. of Environment and Climate Change, Govt. of Kerala, has selected our College for the Best Bhoomithrasena Club Award (Central Kerala Zone). Congratulations to the entire BMC team for the relentless and sustained efforts under the guidance of the Dean of Extension and Outreach Dr. Nirmala Padmanabhan (Advisor to Faculty) and all other faculty members in-charge: Dr. Susan Mathew Panakkal, Smt. Neenu Susan Paul, Dr. Jisha John, Smt. Lissy Jose, Smt. Linda Therese Luiz, Dr. Arya P. Mohan, Ms. Divya Hariharan, Ms. Surya Suresh Kumar, Smt. Tiya K.J., Ms. Anjana S. Mithila, and Ms. Sicily Rilu Joseph. Congratulations to all the faculty members and students of the Dept. of Communicative English and the Department of Fashion Designing for the support extended towards the activities of BMC. Congratulations to the overall student leaders of BMC, Ms. Maxlin M. Maxy (B.A. English Literature) and Ms. Anna Johns (B.Sc. Mathematics) for their whole-hearted support and hard work.