WINNERS OF TERESIAN WEEK (Department of English)

II MA English Literature

Amrutha Justin

Event 1: English Recitation – IIIrd Prize

Event 2: Western Solo – IInd Prize


Anjaly Brijith Anil

Event 1: Fashion Show (Group) – Role – Showstopper; – Ist Prize

Event 2: Group Dance (Group) – Theme: Rasa: Emotions of Life; – IInd Prize


Arathi Kaimal

Event 1: Film Review – IInd Prize

Event 2: Poetry Writing (Malayalam) – IIIrd Prize

Event 3: Western Instrument – IIIrd Prize


Binilamol Sabu

Event: Mono Act – Secured: IIIrd Prize


Divya Pius

Event 1: Film Review  – Ist Prize

Event 2: Short Story Writing (Malayalam) – Ist Prize

Event 3: Poetry Writing (Malayalam) – Ist Prize


Elizabeth Maria

Event: Film Review – IIIrd Prize


R. Veena Maheshwari

Event: Group Dance (Group) – Theme:Rasa: Emotions of Life; – IInd Prize

I MA English Literature

Aiswarya Surendran

Event: Skit (Group) – IIIrd Prize


Aneeta Das

Event: Skit (Group) – IIIrd Prize


Anumol Johnson

Event: Skit (Group) – IIIrd Prize


Maya Purushothaman

Event: Poetry Writing (Hindi) – IIIrd Prize


Monica Deidra Mendez

Event: Essay Writing (English) – Ist Prize


Rose Taniya

Event 1: Cartoon -IInd Prize

Event 2: Fancy Dress – Ist Prize


Shalet Babu

Event: Debate (Malayalam) – IInd Prize

II BA English Literature

Avita Dunn

Event: Miss Teresian – Secured the titles of Miss Confidence and Miss Congeniality


Riya Rose Joseph

Event: Hindi Recitation – IInd Prize


I BA English Literature

Aishwarya Mathew

Event: English Poetry Writing – IInd Prize

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