Kudos to the students of the Department of French who passed the DELF A1 and A2 examinations (March 2021) with flying colours! DELF is an international certification and is valid for lifetime. The training was given by Ms. Fadatte Badie d’Arcis, Foreign Faculty of the Department of French. Ms. Delphina Jose, Ms. Sharon D’ Cunha, and Ms. Josepheena Scaria are the students who cleared the DELF 2021 A2 examination. The students who qualified the DELF A1 examination are Ms. Sapna Jaleel, Ms. Hrithika C.B., Ms. Josepheena Scaria, Ms. Varsha, and Ms. Diya. P. Kettinakath. It is indeed a proud moment for the Department.

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Published On: May 16th, 2021Categories: French Department Activities