As part of Prof. N. Dharmambal Memorial Lecture Series 2020-21, an international webinar was conducted on 12th February 2021, in association with Kerala Mathematics Association and the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, St. Teresa’s College, Ernakulam. The venue was Google meet with a time schedule from 9:30-10:30am. The topic of the webinar was Recognizing Fundamental Transversal Matroids. The speaker of the session was Smt. Meenu Mariya Jose, Senior Tutor, Massey University, New Zealand. Nearly 60 students and faculty participated in the webinar. The session began with a silent prayer. Dr. Ursala Paul heartly welcomed the speaker and all the participants to the session. The webinar covered the portions of Graph Theory including an outline for bipartite graphs, representation of simplex, transversal matroids and partial transversal matroids, how to represent the matroid simplex, lattice path matroids etc. All these were well explained with the help of diagrams which made us to visualize easily. The topic matroids is quite interesting with diagrams. The last few minute were taken for clearing doubts. She also talked about the research fields available in New Zealand. Afterwards, Ms. Swathi Menon of first P.G Statistics delivered the vote of thanks.

Outcome of the activity:

The webinar provided a better understanding about matroids which would indeed be helpful for students seeking higher studies in Graph theory.

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Published On: February 20th, 2021Categories: Mathematics, Mathematics Activities