The presentation on ‘An Overview of Indian Mathematics and Astronomy’ was conducted in the Audio Visual Room at 11:30 am. The resource person for the session was Dr. Venketeswara Pai R, Associate Professor, Dept of Mathematics and Social Sciences, IISER, Pune. The presentation began with a prayer song by Alina Rose. The host for the programme was Anu Udayan. With a warm welcome speech , Unnimaya welcomes the resource person to begin the class . Through the session the students were given a brief knowledge about the History of Mathematics in India, Siddhantic Literature and Texts, Bhutasankhya system, the words employed in Sanskrit Astronomical texts, Aryabhatan system, Katapayadi system, Evolution of Pi and Madhava Series. This one hour class was very informative and interesting. It also provided a clear insight on the topic. At last with the vote of thanks delivered by Drishya the programme came to an end .