As part of the Teresian Rural Out-Reach Programme, the Department of Computer Applications, St. Teresa’s College, in collaboration with Nanma an organisation which acts as a link between the needy of society and those who are willing and capable to uplift the less privileged, organised a one-day workshop on Computer Literacy for their CEEP(Capability Exploration and Enabling Programme), to the selected high school students of  Vypin unit.  The objective of this programme is ‘to unleash human potential by inspiring the less privileged to find their inner strength’.

This year also we were successful in conducting our outreach programme.  In this session we had 76 students from 8 different government schools in and around Vypin .Mr.Jacob, Co-ordinator of Nanma CEEP, along with parents of students accompanied the students.  In this session our students taught them MS-Power point 2007 in a very interesting way and they had hardware awareness class.All the students did well and prizes were awarded for the active participants and who did the practical sessions perfectly.Lecture and practical classes were taken by the students of Department of Computer Applications department in the ratio 2:1.

Our students prepared presentations, planned the teaching methods,organised games to entertain the students.To make them participate in our programme we have to make it interesting.  As part of our programme we divide the students in 2 batches.  One batch enters the lab and the other one is entertained with games which they participate happily and prizes are awarded to the winners.  In the next session the students in the lab took part in the games and the other batch were in the lab.

This session snacks and lunch was sponsored by NANMA, tea was sponsored by the Department of Computer Applications, St.Teresa’s College.

The program started at 9.30 am and was concluded at 3.30 pm after which a feedback was taken.

Regarding the classes taken, the students were unanimous in appreciating.  Though most of the

students were not new to the world of computers, all of them remarked that the classes were informative and interesting and they felt that this training will certainly be beneficial for them.

The students who participated in the games too were equally happy and delighted. The wholehearted and enthusiastic participation of the students was rewarding for those who organised the programme as well.

The students from the following schools participated in the programme:-

  1. Little Flower High School ,Narakkal
  2. G.V.H.S Narakkal
  3. Santa Cruz High School,Puthuvype
  4. G.H.S.S Elamkunnapuzha
  5. H.I.H.S.S Edavanakkad
  6. St. Teresa’s Ernalunam
  7. KPMHS Edavanakkad
  8. SDPY Edavanakkad