NAME OF THE DEPARTMENT: Computer Application




Title of the Activity:  


Panchayat Cochin Corporation
Type of activity Agriculture Census
Date 16/01/2023-21/01/2023
Venue Ernakulam
No: of teachers involved 5
No: of students involved 119
No: of beneficiaries


Need of the Activity: 


Agricultural Census is the main source of information on a variety of agricultural parameters at a relatively minute level, such as the number and area of operational holdings, their size, class-wise distribution, land use, tenancy and cropping pattern, etc. Periodic Agriculture Census is important as it is the main source of information in the country on basic characteristics of operational holdings such as land use, cropping pattern, irrigation status and tenancy particulars.


Brief Description (Need/Impact/Action/Photo -Geotagged / brochure ):  


 A census of agriculture provides fundamental data on the organizational structure of agricultural holdings, such as farm size, land use, land tenure, livestock numbers, and the use of machinery, as well as the number of holdings with each crop and livestock type.

A census of agriculture is a statistical operation for collecting, processing and disseminating data on the structure of agriculture, covering the whole or a significant part of the country.

Census also provides the basis for development of a comprehensive integrated national system of agricultural statistics. So far, ten Agriculture Censuses have been conducted in the country since 1970-71 and the current Agriculture Census with reference year 2021-22 is eleventh in the series.




Census of Agriculture data are used by those who serve farmers and rural communities — federal, state and local governments, agribusinesses, researchers, educators, trade associations, and many others. Ag producers can use Census of Agriculture data to make informed decisions about their own operations, from production practices to marketing.

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Published On: March 24th, 2023Categories: Computer Applications