Nutrition Awareness Class -2019









Community Nutrition Awareness programme

Venue:  Chullikal , Mattancheri  , Ernakulam

Date: /02/2019

Target Group: Pregnant and Lactating women

The students of the second year P.G Diploma  Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics along with Ms. L. R .Rajani provided Nutrition awareness programme to pregnant and lactating women of Chullikal  Anganwadi , Ernakulam on 04/07/2019 . The camp mainly focused on providing awareness on special nutritional care during pregnancy, the need of lactation , importance of breast milk, need of weaning for the infants , about the nutritional care and requirement during infancy class on adolescence nutrition, their unhealthy eating habits  were the important topics covered .Talks were provided by the student dietitians based on these topics. Informative charts on nutrition, important nutrients during the growing period as well as importance of balanced diet and importance of breast milk and necessary vaccinations during these period were put up and explained to the participants. Health assessment based on anthropometry; ie., height, weight and BMI, blood sugar checking  was done for the participants along with it simple low cost nutritious recipes were distributed among them as part of the programme .

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