The 6-day National Level STTP on “Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking” organized by BCA (CT & ISM), Department of Computer Applications in association with Social -Spectra Ditto Security commenced on 4th of March 2021 at 4 pm with an inaugural ceremony. The session headed by Ms. Leah Cicil Avin & Subadra Sudhir of sem IV BCA (CT & ISM) started off with the prayer led by Ms. Ann George of sem II BCA (CT & ISM). Mrs. Archana Menon P, co-ordinator of BCA (CT & ISM) delivered the welcome address. The program was inaugurated by Mrs. Sheeba Emmanual, IT co-ordinator Department of computer Applications. The inaugural ceremony of strength of almost 120 members came to an end with the vote of thanks delivered by Ms. Shannon Simon of sem IV, BCA (CT & ISM).

The whole session was an exciting and interactive experience which was open, not just for the students of the Department of computer applications, but for the cyber enthusiasts across the country which was almost 58 candidates across the nation. The session was handled by Mr. Ajinkya Lohakare, an experienced ethical hacker, TEDx, Josh talk speaker & computer researcher. He started off the session by mentioning the importance of cyber security in the present scenario by specifying that security has to be viewed as an enabler, as what enables us to do what we want to do. He also mentioned about the various methods of cyber-attacks & also some of the most recent attacks. The various tools & websites that were used for ethical hacking were discussed along with its real time demonstrations.

In the sessions that followed each day, he delivered some valuable insights by mentioning how everything is connected to the network and how everything connected to the network has the ability to spy on us. He then discussed the overview of network scanning, about proxy servers, anonymizers and IP spoofing. He introduced the tools used for network scanning and also demonstrated how to use a few of them. Discussions on viruses and worms, tools used for malware analysis, block chain and also about system hacking techniques was indeed knowledgeful. Each of the sessions concluded with Mr.Ajinkya Lohakare patiently clearing all the queries raised by participants.

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Published On: March 9th, 2021Categories: Computer Applications, Computer Applications Activities