Need of the Activity: 

The rush in covering topics can affect some of the students. They may fail to understand certain topics and their hesitation in asking doubts may affect their learning. This is where the online tuition initiative comes into play. They could clear all their doubts, gain confidence and pass the exam with flying colours. Comfortable atmosphere will make their fear of learning vanish without a trace.

Brief Description: 

This initiative was begun with the interested and passionate students from the department. They were selected as tutors to form an efficient group. The students who needed guidance where divided among the tutors, mainly in one for three manner. The online tuitions were conducted for students of Little Flower Govt. High School, Njarackal. The day one was to identify the student’s weak point and the areas to be concentrated. The topics were then covered, ensuring that no excess burden would fall on the students who joined, and without affecting the quality of teaching as well as learning


The students who don’t have sound financial background, but a high        thirst to learn was highly benefited by this initiative. The strength of the groups is less so that each student got separate attention and this helped them improvise a lot. The friendly nature of the teachers comforts the students and encouraged them to ask their doubts. There was a great response among students. A congratulatory note was sent by the teachers of the school, where the initiative was implemented, for the efforts made by the crew members of online tuition.


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Published On: September 29th, 2020Categories: Mathematics, Mathematics – TROP