On the 01.03.2024, the French department in collaboration with Lifology organised a webinar about the importance of French language for professional careers.

Lifology is a Guidance App for parents willing to provide their children a better future.It provides ultra personalized guidance by experts. It brings the global intelligentsia to the mobile phones of parents to support them in making children future ready.

The webinar was conducted by our foreign faculty, Dr Caroline Trenda, who talked about the importance of learning a foreign language for well-being as well as professional career. She presented French as a key-language in the world, spoken in more than 50 countries. French is thus opening opportunities for studies and jobs all throughout the world.

She then talked about the possibility of working in French and international companies in India as well as in Europe where French is an added value.

Hopefully, this speech will stay in the mind of the students of Lifology who think about learning a new language, showing them all the possibilities it offers them.

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Published On: March 6th, 2024Categories: French, French Department Activities