An Exposure visit to Cochin University of Science and Technology was conducted on 21st August 2023 . The first session was about introducing the various programs available in CUSAT for Mathematics. The second session was about how to prepare for higher studies. The faculty, Ms. Ambili shared her experience of studying in the Indian Statistical Institute and CUSAT. She said that one should always go beyond the lectures given by the professors to find Maths interesting and self-study is the best way to fall in love with Maths. Also reading Maths Textbooks and solving number of problems are the keys to crack entrance exams.

The third session was taken by Ms. Aparna. She explained that it is okay to find Maths classes exhausting. It is okay not to understand anything. But the key point is searching and finding things on our own. But to do that attending seminars and lecture classes are very important because even when we are not capable of being attentive in the class some or the other words can strike us which will be very much useful for future uses. And also for our higher studies, every seminar may not be useful for us. Only 10 in 100 seminars may be useful for us. But to find those useful 10 seminars we need to attend all 100 seminars.

The fourth session was a briefing on Research fields. Over the end of the Master’s, we may get interested in a particular domain and choose that for the research. But to finish the research all the fields of Maths are needed. That is all the domains in Maths are interdependent. So a base in all the domains is needed to complete research.The fifth session was an interesting session by a senior faculty. He mentioned that Maths is the only subject that uses logic. And that Maths is the supreme subject than other subjects.The sixth session was taken by Mr . Sasi Gopalan sir, the Head of the Department of Mathematics, CUSAT. He introduced us to the department and the faculties.

Next was a presentation prepared by research students of CUSAT. It was about the projects and Models prepared by the Department of Mathematics, CUSAT. Later, the students were taken to the Advanced Centre for Atmospheric Radar Research. The students were shown the radars which are used for detecting the windspeed which order to predict weather conditions. 619 radars are planted such that the antennas are in equal distance from one another. The transceiver part and the signal processing parts were also shown.

In the end, 4 other devices were also shown and explained which include

Sonic anemometer, micro rain radar,disdrometer, and Microwave Radiometer.

 It was such an inspiring session because students got to hear and see many inspiring things. The resource persons supported students and motivated them to start preparing for the entrance exams and gave tips to crack exams. Also through the interactive session, students acquired a brief understanding about pursuing higher studies in Maths. The overall sessions were very helpful and informative.

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Published On: August 22nd, 2023Categories: Mathematics, Mathematics Activities