The  Digital poster making competition which is held on Thursday ,June 29th ,2023 by  Department Of Mathematics and  Statistics in connection with National Statistics Day ,  St.Teresa’s College (Autonomous), Ernakulam. We provided information about the competition to students on Tuesday ,June 27th , 2023 and collected  the names of participants. Data of Water Quality which was collected from the Kaggle(website) was  provided to the participants on 28th June before 10am . Submission link is closed on 9am  of 30th  June. There were 13 entries submitted for this competition. Result was published on 4th July. First prize was won by Meeval Mariyam and Rose Anna Dennis from 3rd BSC Mathematics A batch and Second prize was won by Febina and Anjali Deepthi from 2nd BSC Mathematics B batch.

This competition helped  the participants how to analyse a data and get knowledge from the statistical data. It also helped the students to convert a data into pictorial representation.

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Published On: June 30th, 2023Categories: Mathematics Activities