Could there be a day for the delicious French pancakes- ‘Crêpe Day’? The answer seems yes.

‘La Chandeleur’ (Candlemas or Crêpe Day) is celebrated in France on 2nd February every year. It is a time that the French has dedicated to the delicious ‘Crêpes’. People young and old eat a lot of these pancakes, light candles and make merry during this Crêpe Day festive time in France.

The Department of French, St. Teresa’s College experienced the same happiness when the II. B.A. French students enthusiastically hosted the ‘La Chandeleur’ festive day on 2nd February 2021.

With some group research, the students successfully demonstrated their talent by designing some wonderful ‘La Chandeleur’ posters.

Here below are a few pictures, posters and interesting facts about ‘La Chandeleur’ festival- all collected and prepared by our students. These demonstrate the traditions behind this festival, its origins and the traditional ‘Crêpes’.