As part of TROP activity 21 students of 3rd year zoology of St. Teresas College visited Reena Memorial Special School, Cheranelloor on 20th January 2017. Reena Memorial Special School takes a novel and effective approach towards teaching differently abled children. Under the guidance of their teachers, games were organized that could impart knowledge to those children. The students were divided into two groups, and they took classes for the students on habitat of various animals. This was followed by narration of stories, games, music and dance which has contributed to the development of their extra curricular activities, mental skills and communicative skills.


The 23rd of December, 2016 was indeed a very special day for the third year students of the Zoology department of St Teresa’s College. It was the day all 41of us got together and set out to spend a very merry and cheerful day at out very favorite Samrakshana school. It was the Christmas celebration there.

We started planning for this day very  early. We had prepared a few dances, songs and games for the children. When we reached the school auditorium, we found that it was full and the children were eagerly waiting for us there. We were really happy to see their smiles that radiated from within them.

The program started off with a short prayer to the almighty. The children of the school enacted  a beautiful play on the birth of Jesus The students spent a lot of time with the children, talking to them and making sure that they have a good time. The children sang Christmas carols and even danced as part of the celebration. It was a delight to watch them so happy. One of the college students dressed up as Santa and gave gifts to all the children. The children were overjoyed after seeing the gifts. Santa also gave them a Christmas message and danced with them to jingle bells. A huge surprise for the children was Christmas cake. The students had bought cake for the children and it was cut by the Principal of Reena Memorial Samrakshana School after which it was distributed to all the staff and students. The cutting of the cake was followed by interactive games which included running race, catch the ball etc. The program concluded with the prize distribution. Session in which all the winners of the games were presented prizes by the staff.


Teresian rural outreach programme was conducted on 18/11/2016 at R.L.V.LP school Tripunithra. The programme was arranged by the Rotary Club, Cochin and was co-ordinate by Mr.Renjith.

10 students of III DC Zoology took initiative to take class on plastic pollution and nutrition. The students belonging to classes I TO VII attended the session.5 students took class on effects, type and control measures of plastic pollution.Other 5 students handled the next session on nutrition with the help of charts. They also explained about the importance of balanced diet and various diseases related to malnutrition.

Students were very attentive and very enthusiastic throughout the session and promised to reduce the use of plastic and will also try to avoid junk food. We distributed chocolates for the students. The Principal thanked and congratulated us for making the students aware about such relevant issues.20 students of III DC Zoology

visited RMS Special School.we divided ourselves into different groups and each group was assigned a class with 5 children. Each of us took the responsibility of teaching one child. Each class had children who showed differences in their competencies. The last hour was drill. Together, we played many games. We taught them some new games like lock and key, fox and the hen etc.


The group consisted of 30 children who were divided into groups of 5. Among them 2 groups were assigned to help the children in doing physical activities consisting of basic warm ups and other small exercises and other groups were helping children for writing and to spell words,  pronunciation etc.


As a part of  TROP activity of the Zoology Department , the students of 1st D.C zoology got  an opportunity  to take classes for the fisherman community which is in collaboration with the Bhoomitrasena club of our college.

On 18th August 2016, Natasha Dilip and Sreelakshmi Anand delivered their first session in Elamkunnapuzha  panchayath  hall. The   next session was dealt by Navina Mable Francis and Jazima C.A in Nayarambalam  panchayath hall on 22nd August 2016.

Students  presented a documentary prepared on hazards of plastic pollution which depicted  the devastating effects and the remedy that can be chosen to eradicate  the menace of  plastic . Bhoomitram sanchi , a new eco-friendly bag   stitched by the students of our college, that would reduce and an alternative for  plastic bags was introduced to them. We further taught them how to make bags out of old and worn out clothes.


The students of 3rd DC Zoology of St.Teresa’s College visited the Reena Memorial Samrakshana School on 11th July 2016 . The students were divided into 4 groups to be sent to 4 different classes.

An origamy class was conducted for a group of kids who were interested in art as part of their vocational course. At the end of the session an array of aeroplanes, boats and other various paper items were displayed.

Another group of kids were taught to colour pictures of  various fruits to help them to focus and also to develop concentration. For the academically oriented kids, a dictation was conducted with an objective to improve their spellings.Alphabets  were taught to 3rd group and verbal games and reciting  rhymes were  done for the 4th group.This has contributed to the development of their motor skills, mental skills and interactive skills. At the end of the sessions, various games were also played.


The III DC students of St Teresa’s college, Dept of Zoology realized the aptness of this saying on their first visit to RMS Special School in the month of June. The 41 students of the final year along with the TROP coordinator for the department, Dr. Reema Kuriakose, visited the school in June to initiate the TROP activities in the school for the academic year 2016-2017. The Department has been extending a helping hand to the slow learners of the school for the past 11 years now.

The students visited the  various classes  of RMS Special School along with the principal Ms. Sheeja . She  introduced differently abled children to our students , how they are taught, and has also explained how they train them to live independently.

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