As part of the TROP activity, the Physics department organized a hands-on training on LED decorated star assemblage for self-employed ladies from Anawim Convent, Puthuvype which was led by the UG students at the Physics Department, St. Teresa’s College. Their presence added to the anticipation and collaborative spirit surrounding the event. The workshop became a creative and engaging experience as participants came together to explore the art of star crafting. The women participants have not only joined the star-making workshop but also brought a unique perspective, having studied how to create LED stars at a remarkably low cost for market sale. Their insights and knowledge contributed to the workshop’s dynamic environment, showcasing a blend of creativity and practical entrepreneurship. The exchange of skills and ideas between participants made the workshop not only an artistic endeavor but also an exploration of cost-effective and marketable creations.

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Published On: January 25th, 2024Categories: I-CONNECT, Physics