Techtopia, a captivating event organized by Department of BCA in association with InternCan, took place on February 15th at St. Teresa’s Higher Secondary School. It was held to celebrate World Computer Science Day and introduce high school students from grades 7 to 10 to the world of technology. The event aimed to explain various topics, like firewalls and basic computer science principles, in a fun and easy-to-understand way. It also highlighted important people in the tech industry who have made significant contributions.

The event began with exciting activities designed to entertain and educate. One of these activities, called “Decoder,” challenged students to solve coding puzzles that tested their problem-solving skills. Another activity, “Guess the Person,” introduced students to famous figures in the tech world, sparking their curiosity about influential individuals in technology.

A key part of the event was the Menti quiz, which tested students’ understanding of computer science concepts. Covering topics from basic programming to cybersecurity, the quiz helped students assess their knowledge and learn new things. Additionally, a typing challenge was included to help students improve their typing skills and learn computer-related terms.

The event ended with an exhilarating escape room activity, where students worked together to solve puzzles related to technology. This teamwork-building exercise was both challenging and fun, providing students with a memorable experience.

Out of the 13 teams participated, certificates were awarded to the top 3 teams, recognizing their hard work and achievements throughout the activities. This celebration not only honoured the students’ successes but also motivated them to continue exploring and learning about technology.

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Published On: February 15th, 2024Categories: BCA (CT and ISM) - Activities