Teresian International

Teresian International is the international wing of St. Teresa’s College which  is instrumental in facilitating exchange programmes for students, both incoming and outgoing, study overseas programmes and various activities pertaining to international collaborations including hosting foreign students in campus, organizing platforms for international students, visiting scholars and faculty. Teresian International is also responsible for providing assistance, counsel and documentation services for the benefit of the student community. The international wing also organizes workshops for giving students a global exposure regarding the opportunities which could be availed internationally. Teresian International is actively engaged in discussions with delegations from leading International Universities. These discussions not only provide students  opportunities to explore options for higher studies across the world, but often lead to innovative partnerships and linkages between St. Teresa’s College and these institutions. This has also resulted in the development of short-term courses/summer programmes for international students in the coming years.

Teresian International’s mission is to facilitate international activities which will enable the college to act as an interface for global exchanges fostering the true spirit of globalization.

International Collaboration

St. Teresa’s College has forged partnerships with outstanding academic institutions to enhance student development, faculty growth and academic research.  

The College has signed an MoU with Newman University, UK for academic collaboration.  The college has also signed an MoU with Richmond, The American International University, London for academic exchange and research collaborations.  As a part of this collaboration, 6 Under Graduate students of St. Teresa’s participated in this exchange programme at Richmond University, London, for three weeks starting from 22nd May to 10th of June. They had chosen from wide range of courses, such as Museums and Art, Principles of Marketing, Basics of Photography and so on. The Exchange programme provided an exceptional learning experience for the students which broadened their perspective

The college has signed an MoU with Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan. A delegation comprising students and faculty from Sophia university visited St. Teresa’s College in September, 2017.


Indo Swedish Academic Exchange Forum (ISAEF) is an Organisation coordinating academic exchange programs of students between India and Sweden. The aim is to facilitate educational institutions of higher learning to equip their students with practical insights of another country in research, academic interaction and hands on experience regarding the various topics they opt for their research projects as part of their academics. This year ,after surveying the institutions which could assist them in organizing the exchange programme, Hersby chose St. Teresa’s College, Ernakulam as the co-ordinating institution for ISAEF 2017.

 A group of nineteen students along with three faculty members from Stockholm Hersby, Sweden were at St. Teresa’s College for a week long programme from 21-10-17 to 27-10-17.The topics which were dealt with during the course of the academic exchange were chosen by the faculty of Hersby, Sweden after conducting extensive research in the areas relevant to their projects within the domain of their syllabi. The faculty members from St. Teresa’s College were facilitators and resource persons for the students throughout their stay in Kerala. The coordinators from St. Teresa’s College also took charge of the various field visits organized for the participating members. As part of the exchange programme Swedish delegation visited the Sthreeshakthi Apparel unit of Kudumbashree and Anna JLG organic cultivation farm of Kanjikuzhi Grama Panchayat of Alleppey district, Sulabh Sanitation projects of the Vytilla hub, South Railway Station and parts of Vypin. The Swedish team also visited the Kudumbashree units of Edakkattuvayalil Panchayat to see the plantations. They also visisted the Mayor’s office, General Hospital and the Kadavanthra Police Station neighbourhood groups and NGOs within the city. The purpose of the field visits were to enable the students to get multiple perspectives from Indian government institutions, Self Help Groups, community based organisations and NGOs in Kerala. To enhance maximum interaction, the students were divided into small groups accompanied by one Swedish faculty and one Indian faculty for each group. The students were also involved in academic deliberations and group discussions with members of the local communities. For facilitating academic exchange, interactive sessions with the students of St. Teresa’s College were also organized for the visiting Swedish delegation.