Quality Policy

Quality Policy

To uphold the vision and mission of this institution by pursuing quality and developing a system that is geared towards a culture of quality in all academic and non-academic endeavors through the institutionalization of best practices and policies, while remaining accountable to all stakeholders and adhering to globally accepted standards.

IT Policy


The purpose of this document is to inform members (faculty, staff, students, alumni, guests, etc) of St.Teresa’s College (Autonomous) of what can be expected in terms of Information Technology (IT). This covers the use of all computers and other related hardware such as printers and projectors and the use of the network infrastructure

Policy Statement

St.Teresa’s College (Autonomous) makes computers, communication devices, e-mail, intranet and internet resources (collectively the “Information Resources”) available to authorized users to assist them in performing their work, conducting St.Teresa’s College (Autonomous) business and completing their educational studies. Use of these Information Resources for any purpose that is not specifically related to these purposes is prohibited, except for incidental personal use as defined in this policy.


This policy governs the use of “IT Resources”, which include IT services, facilities and equipment the College owns or operates for the use of employees, students and others. All information stored in any form on IT Resources (e.g., in documents, video streams, audio recordings, etc.) and all communications transmitted in any manner using IT Resources (e.g., via e-mail, text-message and voice mail) are governed by this Policy.

This Policy also governs the use of social networking sites by employees and students whether or not such use relies upon IT Resources.

Review Period

The content controller of this Policy will conduct a review of this Policy at least once per year or when significant business process changes occur, to ensure the information contained herein is current and applicable.

Rules and Responsibities

  • take appropriate steps to ensure the security of St.Teresa’s college Information Resources by adhering to all applicable security measures including using and safeguarding all necessary passwords.
  • use complex passwords and avoid using common sequences (e.g. 12345) or readily identified information (e.g. name, address, phone number, spouse’s name, etc.);
  • use only computer IDs or accounts and communication facilities which they are duly authorized to use, and use them for the purposes for which they were intended; and respect copyrights, software licenses, intellectual property rights and contractual agreements

Prohibited Activities

The following activities are strictly prohibited:

  • access College equipment, facilities, networks, information or accounts without authorization.
  • grant another individual access to one’s own information technology account by sharing a password or by any other means.
  • use IT Resources to intentionally interfere with the work of other students, faculty members or college officials.
  • access, create, publish or communicate information that is obscene, pornographic, abusive, defamatory, derogatory, threatening, violent or harassing, including material that may interfere with other individuals’ rights under the Human Rights Code or the Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • display, transmit, distribute or make available information that expresses or implies discrimination or an intention to discriminate
  • use IT Resources to intentionally interfere with the normal operation of IT Resources including, but not limited to, flooding the network with messages, sending chain letters or pyramid solicitations, spreading viruses, etc.
  • use, disclose, copy, modify or delete information stored on IT Resources without authorization
  • use IT Resources for personal or political causes or for personal commercial gain.
  • gather other individuals’ personal information under false pretences or for unlawful gain
  • create and/or use world-wide web information pages or links to point to offending materials that conflict with rights and interests protected by Law
  • send bulk commercial electronic messages without authorization from the College

E-mail communications

All E-mails created or transmitted on IT Resources must comply with the rules for use of College IT Resources set out above.

Social networking sites

Social networking sites are any forms of online publications including, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, wikis, etc. that provide a platform for individuals to engage in networking activities, or publish information on the Internet. As an academic institution, the College fully endorses academic freedom of speech on social networking sites. However, the use of IT Resources to engage in social networking and publish information on the internet is subject to all the rules set out above. In addition, the College prohibits the following activities whether or not it is facilitated by the use of College IT Resources:

  • Publishing any College information on social networking sites or the Internet that is confidential and has not been approved for public disclosure
  • Using social networking sites or publishing comments, opinions or statements for work-related purposes without College authorization
  • Implicitly or explicitly giving the impression that comments, opinions, statements made on social networking sites or the Internet represent the views/beliefs/stance of the College without prior approval from the College



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