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The Department of French invites the students of St. Teresa’s College to celebrate the ‘United Nations’ International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2021. It is truly honourable to pay tribute to the minds who are committed to making our lives better through science and progress.

Do a bit of research, use your talents and your creativity to design a one-page PDF about any two woman or girl in Science. You should choose one from India (🇮🇳) and one from a French speaking country (🇨🇭 / 🇱🇧 / 🇨🇦 / 🇧🇪 / 🇫🇷…). In your PDF, demonstrate who they are and how they are making a difference in the world through their contributions in the field of Science.

Send us your PDF to [email protected] before 5th of February. Your contributions shall be featured on the website.

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