There is No Sky

Everyone has a story to tell, but no one is born a storyteller. Learn the craft of storytelling, and master the tools that will help you write stories, poems, microfiction and more!
Learning Outcomes Course Outcomes
  • Understand writing as a process and develop skills to create original fiction and poetry
  • Develop an awareness of literary forms and genres and acquire skills to edit their own writing.
  • Certificate of Completion from St. Teresa’s College, Ernakulam
  • Original work created by students as final projects will be published (print, digital publication – with ISBN number).

Course Coordinator – Dr. Latha Nair

Dr. Nair has been guiding students through the world of literature for the last 29 years as Associate Professor at the Department of English & Centre for Research, St. Teresa’s College, and has curated this course to offer an avenue for individuals to grow from students of literature to becoming writers themselves.

Course Design and Delivery – Ms. Juney Thomas

Ms. Thomas has spent the last 7 years helping brands tell their stories to the world. Drawing from her backgrounds in literature, psychology, media studies, advertising and marketing, she now hopes to help aspiring writers develop the skills they need to discover their voice and tell their stories.

Course Duration: 40 Hours (spread over 1 semester)

Venue: St. Teresa’s College, Ernakulam

Course Fee: Rs. 5000 per student for the entire course

Eligibility: Course is open to individuals with any degree.

Classes start on December 16th , 2019 | Monday

Please visit the Arts Block Front Office to register for the course.

For any queries, please contact: Dr Latha Nair (9388689299), Juney Thomas (7738978042) 

Further Details about the course, if needed:

Everyone has a story to tell, but no one is born a storyteller. The craft of using words to express the profound truths of our existence through stories, poems, plays and such is one that can be learnt, honed and developed into an art.

This course is practical introduction to creative writing through prose and poetry. At the heart of it, this course in not about teaching “rules” of writing by rather about giving students the “tools” that will help them learn to write on their own.

Through classes on stylistics and structures paired with graded writing practice, it aims to help students learn the basics of word craft and story craft. Students will be able to experiment with these new skills, so that they can apply it to discover and develop their own voice and style as writers.

This course aims specifically to equip the target audience with writing skills, focusing on short stories, poems and microfiction. The target audience will be able to create literary content for the digital age.