Book Review

As part of the association activities, the department conducted a book review on two books on 1st of August, 2018 by the first year Post Graduate students.  The first one was the book ‘One Part Woman’ by the celebrated Tamil author Perumal Murugan. The book had been a controversial one on its publication due to the explicit mention of a ritual in the Ardhanareeshwara temple in Tamil Nadu. The book was a relevant choice for review due to the curbs on freedom of expression that the writers face in the current society. The presenters for the same were Anjitha V S, Kalyani S Vidya and Aparna G.

The second piece of literature was the first three episodes of the controversial novel ‘Meesha’ written by the renowned Malayalam short story writer S.Hareesh. As it deals with the socio-cultural backgrounds of the pre-independence Kerala, and it portrays the system of caste and gender in detail along with the questioning of the inequalities which is existing in contemporary Kerala society, it was a natural choice for the review. The presenter was Sumi Mol M.S.

The participants were the Post Graduate students of the department.



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