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Department of Home Science

Centre for Remediation of Learning Difficulties and Communication Disorders


The “Centre for Remediation of Learning Difficulties and Communication Disorders” in the Department of Home Science is functioning as the learning laboratory for the students undergoing their Masters’ Degree Programme in Child Development. The centre is rendering its support and services to children with learning disability and communication disorders through the expertise of the staff members there along with experts in the field of remediation and intervention.

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Early identification of developmental delays, assessment and intervention for those identified with delays, hyperactivity, impulsivity, ADHD and Autism; which can be set right through early intervention are some of the services of the centre. Facilities such as ball pool, sensory integration unit, occupational therapy unit and remedial tools are some of the highlights of the centre. Other services include: yoga, music therapy, aerobics, sensory integration and the like.

            School children having learning difficulties are given remedial education on a one to one basis so that they can be helped to be on part with their peers and learning can be made a joyful experience for them. A multidisciplinary team consisting of psychologists, special educators, occupational therpaists, speech therapists and remedial teachers/special educators will assess the children and then chalk out detailed individual intervention strategies for each child which will then be implemented.

            Thus, students studying Child Development will get an opportunity to observe the therapy/remedial sessions given by the experts and also get hands on experiences on writing case studies, observe the behaviour of such children, prepare the neurodevelopmental framework and also prepare IEPetc for the children. An excellent opportunity for them to apply the theory into practice is yet another aim of the centre. This will help them to study further in the field and those having a flair for remediation and therapy will also be provided placement in the same centre.