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There are different Associations working in affiliation with each department. They conduct different activities in connection with their academic programme. To develop initiative, a sense of responsibility and to widen the interests of the students, the college offers various clubs such as: Youth Red Cross Unit The Youth Red Cross Unit of the college became operational from 17th July 2004. The unit currently has a considerable volunteer strength. The volunteers undergo training in First Aid and after clearing an examination become certified First Aid Practitioners. They are encouraged to participate in various society oriented activities including collection of old clothes for the poor, helping disabled children, serving the aged, participating in road safety programmers etc. Our Youth Red Cross Unit was the Best Unit in Ernakulam District in the year 2004. Tourism Club The Tourism Club helps to cultivate a healthy attitude towards tourism in the students.The club organizes seminars & workshops to introduce students to new developments in the field of tourism, promote eco-friendly tourism, create awareness about the career prospects in the field, etc. Students are encouraged to plan innovative tourism development projects.A project proposal entitled promotion of Eco-Friendly Tourism & Clean Destination has been forwarded to the Department of Tourism. Entrepreneur Development Club The Entrepreneur Development Club was formed under the sponsorship of Kerala Industrial Development center to provide training to Young women in Entrepreneurship Development. The club organizes seminars and lectures to give young women an insight into the possible avenues for self – employment and become successful entrepreneurs. Sessions on Apiculture, Rainwater Harvesting, Biogas, Soap/ Detergent Making, Sericulture, Vermiculture, Candle making, Bread and cake making, Jewellery making etc. are organized. For a brief report of the activities of the club, click here. Placement Cell The Placement Cell coordinates with various institutions and agencies to facilitate recruitment process for the outgoing students. The cell also coordinates various training programmes for the students to equip themselves with the latest recruitment techniques.The placement cell has been successful in placing students in firms such as Hewlett Packard, Infosys, Wipro TCS, South Indian Bank,Cognizant, iGate, Patni solutions etc over the years. For a report of the activities of the Cell in 2013-14, click here. Career Guidance Cell The Career Guidance Cell gives guidance to students of the various degree and postgraduate courses of the college regarding the many career opportunities available to them in their respective fields. Career Guidance Workshops are conducted to give students a perspective about their future possibilities and prospects.The cell keeps abreast of the most recent trends in the industry through related journals and newsletters. Debate Club The Debate Club creates opportunities for students to develop their debating skills.Intra and Inter collegiete debating competitions are organized.Students are encouraged to participate in competitions conducted by other institutions also. Dramatic Club The Dramatic Club encourages dramatic presentations by students in the form of skits, mime, plays etc. The club also hosts the Annual Inter-collegiete Drama competition.Eminent theatre personalities are invited to give lectures on the new trends in theatre.Theatre workshops are conducted in order to explore the possibilities for interdisciplinary linkages between different forms of performing arts. Quiz Club The Quiz Club aims at identifying students talented in quiz and creating opportunities for them to sharpen their quizzing skills.Quiz competitions are conducted in the campus to generate interest amongst students. Students are also given opportunities to represent the college in Quiz Competitions conducted by other institutions. Interfaith Club The Interfaith Club endeavours to instill a secular spirit in students, create a broad outlook about religion and spread the message of love, peace and religious tolerance. Eminent persons from different walks of life are invited to share their experiences of religion and spirituality. Film club Students who are avid film enthusiasts get an opportunity to come together in the Film Club to discuss and debate on the latest trends in cinema, the works of the masters, technological innovations in film making etc. Film workshops are organized and World Classics are screened. Writers Forum In the Writers Forum students who have a flair for writing are identified and they are given opportunities to participate in various essay writing and story writing competitions. The forum also functions as a platform for students to interact work eminent litterateurs and enhance their resources of knowledge. Poets Club Students with a talent for poetry are spotted and they are given training in poetry writing though creative workshops and interactions with eminent poets. Reading sessions are organized where students can recite their poems. Students are also encouraged to participate in poetry writing competitions held in the college as well as elsewhere. Legal Literacy Club The Legal Literacy Club works towards spreading awareness in the young generation about their rights and responsibilities as citizens of the state. Students are familiarized with the problems that woman usually face in society and the legal support that they can avail. The workshops teach girls to became more assertive, confident and secure. Library Club The Library Club aims at encouraging the reading habit in students. The club also organizes a ‘Reading Week’ where a certain author is selected and the student is familiarized with all the works of that writer. ‘Smart Consumers’ ‘Smart consumers’ is the Consumer Club of St.Teresa’s College, Ernakulam. Its aim is to prepare students to be well-informed, responsible, ethical and ‘green’ consumers and empowering them to develop competencies to find ways of rewarding themselves in their roles as consumers.

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