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Department of Botany


  • The Department of Botany has been upgraded as the Research Centre of the Mahatma Gandhi University in 1985. The centre has produced 24 Ph. D Degree till date and ten programmes are on-going. It is the  oldest Research Centre of the college which has produced the first Doctoral Degree in Botany in M. G. University.
    The Research Guides of the Centre:
    1. Dr. Sr. Avita
    2. Dr. Merlee Teresa M.V.
    3. Dr. Sreekumar R.
    4. Dr. Lizzy Mathew
    5. Dr. Sheela D.
    6. Dr. Elsam Joseph
Name of the scholars of the centre who have been awarded Ph.D and the year of award

    Research Guide  – Dr. Sr. Avita     

  1. Dr. Thara K.Simon- 1994
  2. Dr. Annie Deleela C.J. -1994
  3. Dr. Sheela D.-1994
  4. Dr. Liza Jacob- 1997
  5. Dr. Victoria P.K.- 1997
  6. Dr. Sr.Josita- 2003
  7. Dr. Anitha C.T.- 2005
  8. Dr. Saju Abraham- 2005
  9. Dr. Selinamma Joseph
  10. Dr. Elsam Joseph
  11. Dr. Sreelakshmi S.G.- 2012
  12. Dr. Baby Usha Kiran- 2014
  13. Dr. Nesy E.A.- 2016

Research Guide- Dr. Sr. Margaret Mary

  1. Dr.Lizzy Mathew- 2003
  2. Dr. Remany C.- 2004
  3. Dr. Rekha K.- 2004
  4. Dr. Beena B. Nair- 2004
  5. Dr. Reemol Scaria- 2004
  6. Dr. Bindu Alex- 2005
  7. Dr. Romilly Margaret Mendez- 2007

Research Guide- Dr. Sreekumar R.

  1. Dr. Joshy K.K.- 2010
  2. Dr. Tessy Paul P.- 2013

Research Guide- Dr. Sheela D.

  1. Dr. Meena Thomas Irimpan- 2013
  2. Dr. Ramesh C.N. 2015
Research scholars pursuing  Ph.D. in the the Research Centre

Research Guide- Dr. Sr. Margaret Mary

  1. Smt. Lovely M.S.
  2. Sr. Sofia S.

Research Guide- Dr. Lizzy Mathew

  1. Smt. Asha D.
  2. Smt. Aji Abraham
  3. Sri. Thomas Antony
  4. Sr. Ajith Kumar T.G.
  5. Smt. Midhila Baby

Research Guide- Dr. Sheela D.

  1. Ms. Maria Cheenickal
  2. Smt. Pinkie Cherian
  • There is one ongoing major project and one ongoing minor project in the Department. Both are sponsored by UGC. The Principal Investigators are Dr. Lizzy Mathew and Dr. Liza Jacob respectively
  • The research wing of the Department arranged a Power point presentations of their Ph.D. work by research scholars on 14/10/2015.The staff and students attended the programme and got enriched.





Dr.Lizzy Mathew and the research scholars of the Department  went on a study trip to coastal areas of Kannur and Vizhinjam for algal collection on15 /10/15 and 25/10/15. An abundant algal diversity was observed and they got  a very good algal collection

algae 1