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Re-Accredited by NAAC with “A” Grade College with Potential for Excellence - UGC
Department of Physics

Laboratory Facilities

The Department has state of art facilities for pursuing research in Photonics, Material Science, Nanoscience as well as Non Linear Dynamics. The Department also includes an Electronics laboratory, Computer Laboratory, two large and well equipped laboratories for under graduate programmes and Dark rooms for  Experiments in Optics.

The facilities for development of material include:

  • Spin Coating Unit – SPS Spin 150 Wafer Spinner
  • High Vacuum Coating Unit – IHWP
  • Silar Unit – Holmarc        
  • Hydrothermal Unit –Hi HEAT
  • Centrifuge – KEMI C6 upto 6000rpm
  • Hot Air Oven – Labtek 4000C
  • UV Chamber – KEMI
  • Precision / Source Measurement Unit – Agilent interfaced with PC for Electrical Characterisation
  • Table Top Ultrasonic Cleaner –Equitron
  • Temperature Controllable Magnetic Stirrer – REMI 2MLH
  • Digital PH Meter – Systronics
  • Digital Weighing Balance –Sartorius Accuracy of 10-4g

The facilities for optical studies include:

  • Helium Neon Laser
  • Argon Ion Laser
  • Fiber Optics Kit

The software facilities for analysis and Theoretical studies  include:

  • MatLab
  • Partial Differential Equation Tool Box
  • Simulink
  • Origin