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ICQP 2016

International Conference on Quantum optics and Photonics
ICQP 2016

1, 12 February 2016

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The Department of Physics submitted a proposal for organizing an International Conference on Quantum Optics and Photonics to the University Grants Commission, India in the year 2014 November. The proposal was accepted and a fund of rupees one lakh ninty thousand was granted to the college through the sanction letter in May 2015. The college decided to hold this conference on 11 and 12th of February 2016 for which the UGC gave consent in June 2015. The key reasons for selecting the topic ‘quantum optics’ for the conference  is the limited number of international conferences organized in India in this topic. The research students rarely get a platform for discussing their work with internationally well known scientists.  Moreover, quantum optics is rarely taken up as a compulsory paper for PG courses in India, because of limited number of faculty specialized in this topic. This scenario needs a change. Te importance of Quantum optics is outlined below.

Quantum Optics

Quantum optics is used to investigate light matter interaction at the atomic level and it reveals the nature and effects of photons which are quantized light. This provides a theoretical foundation for laser science through classical and quantum mechanical physics. The availability of femtosecond lasers lead to the research on ultrafast processes in matter in which the timescales tend to be very short. Its theoretical basis is also provided by quantum optics. Quantum cryptography is another interesting application in which the quantum mechanical properties can be used to perform cryptographic tasks. Quantum cryptography allows a secure way of data encryption because the very act of copying a data encoded in a quantum state will change that state.

There are several research groups in India and abroad that are actively doing research in this field. However, only a limited number of international conferences have been organised in India on this topic. Through ICQP 2016 we will introduce this powerful art of science to young students and shall provide a platform for young researchers working in the broad area of quantum optics and photonics to talk about their work, to discuss with other groups and to find new collaborations and new possibilities. This conference is also going to be useful to the faculty members of various colleges.

Important steps

June 2015: Through the announcement and first call for paper, we invited submissions in the following categories:

  • Quantum Optics
  • Quantum Information and Communication
  • Quantum Cryptography
  • Chaos based cryptography
  • Atom optics
  • Photonics

The allowed types of submissions were full papers, detailed abstracts in two pages with diagrams, short abstract in one page, brief reports and synopsis of thesis are welcome. Both oral and poster presentations were allowed either by choice or by selection by the technical committee. Paper template was given in the ICQP website, and posters were allowed to be of any convenient size.

Program Committee: was constituted in the following pattern.

  • Sr. Vinitha CSST (Director)
  • Sajimol Augustine (Principal)
  • Tessy Joseph  (HOD)
  • Santhi A (Convenor)
  • Susan Mathew (Co- convenor)

Scientific committee

  • Rose P Ignatius
  • Kala M S
  • Sajeev D (External member)

Technical committee members

  • Priya Parvathy Ameena Jose
  • Mary Vinaya
  • Minu Pius
  • Mariyam Thomas
  • Reyha Benedict
  • Saranya.R.Menon

2014 November: We invited eminent scientists, academicians and researchers for the key speeches.

They were ready to give both tutorial sessions and keynote address since the topic was new to many of the prospective participants.

Key Speakers

  • Serge Massar, Laboratoire d’Information Quantique, Université Libre de Bruxelles, (ULB) Belgium

Tutorial : Experimental Aspects of Contemporary Quantum Optics

Keynote Speech: Certified Quantum Cryptography

  • Prof: Bertrand Poumellec, LPCES, University of Paris SUD, Orsay, France

Tutorial : Glasses for Photonics

Keynote Speech: Femtosecond Laser Direct Writing of Optical Functions in Glass for Photonics

  • V M Nandakumaran, Amritha Vishwha Vidyapeetham, India

Invited talk and Tutorial: Coherent States and Squeezed States

  • Vinu V Namboodiri, Bhabha Atomic Research Center, BARC, India

Invited talk: Ultrafast Spectroscopy: from Dynamics to Coherent Control

  • M Sabir, CUSAT, India, Elementary Quantum Cryptography
  • Anil Shaji, Indian Institute for Science education and Research, IISER, Thiruvananthapuram, India

Invited talk: Quantum States of Light for Precision Interferometer based Measurements

The following dates were also given in the first announcement itself.

Conference                                              : 11, 12 February 2016

Paper submission last date                  : 30 January 2016

Registration through email                  : 5 February 2016

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