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Re-Accredited by NAAC with “A” Grade College with Potential for Excellence - UGC
Department of Physics


Project Grants Received

  • Smt. Tessy Joseph completed UGC Sponsored minor project on “Synthesis and characterization of nano-structured films of group II – VI semiconductors grown by SILAR technique at various temperatures”
  • Dr. Rose P Ignatius completed UGC Sponsored minor project on “Synchronization of coupled chaotic dynamics”.
  • Dr. Kala M S completed two UGC Sponsored minor project on “Synthesis and characerisation of Nano films” and “Investigation on the electrical and optical properties of spin coated polymer nano composite thin films”
  • Smt. Mary Vinaya completed UGC Sponsored minor project on “Onset of chaos in physical systems and synchronization of chaotic system”
  • Dr. Santhi A. completed a UGC Sponsored minor project on “ Linear and nonlinear optical characterization of metal nano structures and quantum dots prepared by chemical methods”… 

Faculty members have also published several research papers in International peer reviewed journals, International and national conferences, and Books for research data source

Achievements in Research and Development and Academic fields

  • Mrs. Sajimol Augustine presented a research paper titled Opto-electronic applications of chitosan capped ZnS-Mn/PVA nanocomposite thin films in the Annual International Conference on – Optoelectronics, Photonics and Applied Physics – (OPAP) 2013, Singapore, during 4-5 February 2013. She also  received the best paper award at the International Seminar OMTAT held at CUSAT during January 2013.
  • Dr. Rose P Ignatius is selected for the interview panel as subject expert for teaching staff selection for Physics for the colleges affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University.
  • Dr. Rose P Ignatius and Dr. Kala M S got approval as Research guides.
  • Dr. Santhi A has completed a Collaborative Research project by Dept of science and Tehnology, India and Ecole Polytechnique, fedarale de Lusanne, Switzerland under INDO-SWISS JOINT RESEARCH PROGRAM FOR UTILIZATION OF ADVANCED FACILITIES with two month stay as Guest scientist at EMPA, Dubendorf, Switzerland.