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Department of Computer Applications

Bachelor in Computer Applications (Triple Main)

The Bachelor in Computer Applications [Triple Main] programme will equip the students with the necessary knowledge and skills for the existing and emerging challenges that a career in computing and software technology will entail. In addition it prepares graduates to show high quality of independent thought, flexibility and maturity based on a sound technical knowledge of the field.

The Bachelor in Computer Applications (Triple Main) programme, will act as a feeder course for higher studies in the area of Computer Applications, Mathematics and Statistics.

The Bachelor in Computer Applications (Triple Main) programme aims to provide graduates with the skills and methods needed to create new generations of software applications and to appreciate the technical basis on which they should be built. The emphasis throughout is on a thorough understanding of the foundations on which modern development rests, on the software life cycle and project control, on program specification and implementation, on modern software architectures and on human-computer interaction issues through Mathematical and Statistical concepts. The Bachelor in Computer Applications (triple main) is a three year programme which consists of six semesters of six months duration.

Overall Course Objectives

 To understand fundamentals concepts of computational thinking as well as knowledge of how computers and other digital devices are operated through interface as operating system.

 To be able to think logic of any real problem and able to implement it with programming concept. Student will able to integrate concepts of database, commerce, mathematics and statistics to store, summarize, analyze and interpret data for any real application.

 To get an appropriate level of oral, written and visual communication skills required for technocrats.

 To gain a thorough understanding or grasp key technologies for software application development.

 To apply knowledge and skills to develop software as a “model” or develop an application in the “software as a model” perspective.

 To understand efficient Query generation and acquire query optimization skills.

 To understand the concepts of Computer interconnectivity, sharing of resources, internet technologies and other network applications.

 To understand the electronic commerce and how electronic commerce is affecting business enterprises, governments, consumers and people in general.