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B.Sc. Zoology

Programme Objectives The B.Sc. Zoology programme is designed to help the students to: Impart basic knowledge of various branches of Zoology and General biology meant both for a graduate terminal course and for higher studies. Inculcate interest in and love of nature with its myriad living creatures. Understand the unity of life with the rich diversity of organisms and their ecological and evolutionary significance. Acquire basic skills in the observation and study of nature, biological techniques, experimental skills and scientific investigation. Acquire basic knowledge and skills in certain applied branches to enable them for self employment . Impart awareness of the conservation of the biosphere. COURSE DESIGN The UG programme in Zoology includes (a) common courses, (b) core courses, (c) complementary courses (d) open course and (e) project. No course shall carry more than 4 credits. Core Courses include: Semester I General Methodology and perspectives in science (Practical)- General Methodology & instrumentation Semester II Biodiversity & Modern systematics (Practical) Biodiversity & Modern systematics Semester III Animal Diversity Non Chordata (Practical) Animal Diversity Non chordata Semester IV Animal Diversity Chordata (Practical) Animal Diversity Chordata Semester V Cell Biology and Molecular Biology (Practical) Cell Biology and Molecular Biology Environmental Biology, Toxicology and Disaster management (Practical) Environmental Biology, Toxicology and Disaster Management Evolution, Zoogeography and Ethology (Practical) Evolution, Zoogeography and Ethology Biochemistry, Human Physiology and Endocrinology (Practical) – Biochemistry, Human Physiology & Endocrinology Semester VI Reproductive and Developmental Biology (Practical) – Reproductive and Developmental Biology Genetics and Biotechnology (Practical) Genetics & Biotechnology Microbiology and Immunology (Practical) Microbiology and Immunology General informatics Bioinformatics and Biostatistics (Practical) Computer application Bio-informatics and Bio-statistics Complementary Courses: Botany, Chemistry

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